Buyer Info

Purchasing  a home is usually one of the most important investments in your life. The better prepared you are – the better your chances to purchase the best property for you and with least amount of stress and chaos. The information listed below is offered to assist you in making this important decision. – Keep in mind that everything in real estate is negotiable!

Benefits of Owning Your Home

1) Savings
2) Investment
3) Living Space
4) Tax Advantages
Benefits of Using A Buyers Agent
1) What a Buyers Agent is
2) Agent Represents You – Not Seller
Things To Avoid Before Purchasing A Home
1) Major purchases
2) Changing Employers
3) Moving your money around
Don’t buy that new car yet!
1) Debt-to-Income ratios
2) How buying a car reduces your loan amount
Comparable sales and your offer price
1) Determining your offer price
2) Comparable Sales – General Info
3) Comparable Sales – Pending Sales
4) Comparable Sales – Public Record
5) Comparable Sales – Multiple Listing Service
Writing an offer – safeguards regarding the property
1) Disclosures from the seller
2) Property condition upon transfer
3) Inspections you should require
4) Final Walk-Through Inspection
How financing details affect your offer
1) Cash Offers
2) Seller Financing
3) Your Down Payment
4) Interest Rates and You
5) Other Financing Details in your offer
6) Closing Costs and Other Financing Incentives
Selecting service providers
1) Title Insurance
2) Escrow and Settlement
3) Termite and pest inspection
4) You and the Seller must agree